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Dust Extraction for Ayrshire Client.

One of  our recent installs: a multi cartridge reverse jet pulse system , full turn key package to our Ayrshire Client.

Our systems cover stone dust RCS LEV, Wood Dust LEV , MDF LEV, Hard Wood  LEV Soft wood LEV

We design and install across Ayrshire, Dumfriesshire, Borders, Lothian, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth, Dundee, The Highlands, England.

Systems designed to meet or surpass HSG 258 and Coshh regulations

We are BOHS endorsed LEV awareness training providers.

What is Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV)?

Dust hub- HSE

If you are unfamiliar with LEV, start by viewing the video below that describes what LEV is, its key components and how the system works to protect health.

HSE Dust Hub

Dust hub- HSE

This site provides information to help employers control exposure to dust in the workplace. You can also access further information on dust from this site.

Dust is tiny, dry particles in the air and can be produced when materials are cut, drilled, demolished, sanded, shovelled, etc. This means many work activities can create dust. Dust is not always an obvious health hazard as the particles which cause the most damage are often invisible to the naked eye and the health effects of exposure can take many years to develop.

See the source image

Compliance LEV Ltd ​ will be happy to assist you should you require further information on the control of dust in the workplace. Contact Us – LEV | Compliance LEV

HSE and metalworking fluids

The HSE and stakeholders have agreed to work together to cut cases of work-related ill health, particularly asthma.

A good practice guide for safe handling and disposal of MWF’s (PDFhas been prepared by a panel of experts from UK Lubricants Association (UKLA) and HSE. The guide provides good practice advice on how to maintain and control exposure to MWFs to prevent ill health in workshops.

Main health risks from working with metalworking fluids

Skin problems – Dermatitis

A serious health concern associated with metalworking fluids is dermatitis. Every year, around 200 cases of contact dermatitis related to exposure to cutting oils and coolants are reported to EPIDERM (European Prevention Initiative for Dermatological Malignancies) – a scheme in which dermatologists report cases of occupational skin disorders. These figures are undoubtedly a very substantial underestimate of the true incidence of skin disease. There are also thought to be risks to the skin arising from exposure to water-mix wash fluids used to clean machined components.

Breathing problems – Asthma

A growing concern is the risk of asthma, occupational hypersensitivity pneumonitis and other breathing problems from exposure to mist from metalworking. Work-related asthma is a significant and growing problem with an estimated 1,500 to 3,000 new cases each year. On average, up to 2003, at least 20 of these cases were associated with exposure to metalworking fluids but it is thought many more cases go unrecognised. There are also thought to be risks of breathing problems arising from exposure to mist from water–mix wash fluids used to clean machined components.

There have been several large outbreaks of respiratory illness in the UK where many workers were diagnosed with respiratory illness as a result of exposure to mist. At one of these sites there was mist from both metalworking and washing machines.

In past decades, work that resulted in repeated exposure to metal working fluids carried an increased risk of several types of cancer. Research has shown that this was due to the use of unrefined oils, which contained carcinogenic substances. Modern neat oils are highly refined and do not pose this risk of cancer.

There is a possibility that carcinogenic substances (polycyclic aromatic amines and nitrosamines) may be formed under certain in–use conditions. However, provided metalworking fluids are properly managed, it is unlikely that they will contain significant amounts of these carcinogens. Any remaining risks of cancer will therefore be small, or even negligible, and you are unlikely to need to take extra precautions other than those in these Topic Pages and in e – COSHH essentials, and checking your fluids properly.

HSE mobile app

New Metal Working Fluid LEV System

Compliance LEV installed a new MWF – Metal Working Fluid LEV system for our client to keep up with HSE guidance and COSHH regulations ensuring when the CNC operator opens the doors, the air inside is clean and clear of oil mist and safe to breath.

Metalwork fluid LEV system

For more information on filtration supplies or dust and fume extraction contact Compliance LEV Ltd Contact Us – LEV | Compliance LEV

Grinding and Dressing Local Exhaust Ventilation

Grinding and Dressing LEV

Compliance LEV Ltd supply these small grinding wheels complete with built-under LEV.

Stay  compliant and protect your people; contact us for more information on  grinding, dressing, metal dust, stone dust , abrasive wheels,  RCS, LEV Testing, Statutory Obligation.

Grinding and dressing LEV ventilation machine LEV testing scotland and England Compliance RCS

New Oil Mist LEV Systems installations

This week we installed 9 new Oil Mist LEV systems to filter mist and smoke in turning and milling processes for clients in Ayrshire, Glasgow and Livingston.  

oil mist lev compliance rcs aes local exhaust ventilation

Air Bench Lev Machine, Compliance LEV Ltd

Smoke Testing after an Oil Mist Install

Smoke testing after an oil mist install is a crucial part of our qualitative test during thorough examination and test of the Oil Mist LEV system.

oil mist lev testing compliance lev aes rcs
compliance lev testing local exhaust oil mist aes rcs

Stone Dust Hewing Shed LEV

Reworked and updated Stone Dust Hewing shed LEV for stone cutting RCS Respirable Crystalline Silica removal at source, with users trained by the Compliance Academy on LEV awareness, our course endorsed by BOHS.  For more information on our LEV Training course go to our services page.

stone dust lev machine rcs

Dust hub- HSE

Magnehelic Gauges fitted to all Oil Mist LEV Systems to keep you compliant.

Compliance LEV install Magnehelic Gauges to all of our OIL MIST Local Exhaust systems.

Recently we came across a new client site which was poorly marked up, poorly installed and with no SOP to inform the operator  that their Oil Mist System was achieving the correct airflows.

Compliance LEV installed new airflow gauges with a switchable interlock allowing an alarm when airflow dropped below guidance.

The photo shows a correctly labelled gauge on the oil mist systems ensuring the client be compliant to HSE guidelines.

Contact us if you need have any enquiry regarding your Oil Mist LEV System: Compliance LEV Ltd are here to keep you and your company compliant.

Switchable Magnehelic Gauge

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