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Spray Booths & Isocyanate Paint Health Risks

Spray Booths & Isocyanate Paint Health Risks

Firstly, here is what law says including the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH). It requires employers, and the self-employed, to control the risks from harmful substances used or produced at work, including isocyanate in paints – see

Body Shops

Almost all body shops use paints and lacquers containing isocyanate hardener. Compliance LEV test and service paint systems, self-contained booths and large spraying facilities.

Working With Water Based Paints

We find that a lot of companies don’t know that ‘water-based’ paints can still contain isocyanates. The big risk here is occupational asthma.  Materials containing isocyanate are the single biggest cause of occupational asthma in Great Britain. The workers at greatest risk are vehicle paint sprayers.

These workers are at a 90 times greater risk than the industry average and therefore the correct control, testing and maintenance of these systems is critical to your employees.

Spray Booths & Isocyanate Paint FAQ

Typical early signs of respiratory sensitisation to isocyanates include one or more of the following:

  • chest tightness, often occurring outside working hours in the evening or early morning
  • persistent cough
  • recurring blocked or runny nose
  • recurring sore or watering eyes
  • wheezing
  • breathlessness
  • flu-like shivers

If you have a paint system that needs LEV testing and PPM, or you are looking for a new system, installing an LEV system is a great way to control isocyanates and to keep people safe and therefore meet your legal obligations.