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New Facility Update – LEV goes Local!

Our new facility in Mauchline, Ayrshire is coming on leaps and bounds. First story storage area underway, creating valuable extra storage for our LEV machines, ducting and spares. A one stop shop for all your company’s local exhaust ventilation needs, be it oil mist, stone dust, weld fume, flour dust.

The guys at Doon Property Maintenance are hammering on…..get it, hammering on!

JW Grant | Builders Merchants | Glasgow, Paisley, Coatbridge, Kilmarnock, Maryhill

Ve-Tech Concrete | Steel Fabrication, Construction, Mixed Concrete (

Portable Nederman LEV System Service.

Full service of a Portable Nederman System for controlling stone dust, Respirable Crystalline Silica, RCS.  New main filter, New Hepa and crucially the hood has been tested and labelled to show the operator their effective capture distance.  The LEV is only as good as the PPM Schedule and Operator Information Training.  Compliance LEV are BOHS endorsed training providers.

Metalwork, Oil Mist, Stone Dust, Weld Fume, Wood Dust ….. we’ve got the solution. Compliance LEV are committed to keeping you and your Company compliant.

Two new portable weld fume extractors delivered, set up and full training given on capture, positioning, maintenance and compliance of the LEV systems.

Compliance LEV design, install and commission all types of weld fume LEV from brief case sized portable units and centralised systems.

If you want to be compliant use Compliance LEV Ltd.

Weld fume, oil mist, wood dust, stone dust, RCS, Local Exhaust systems.
Portable LEV system for weld fume.
Weld fume extractor,
Local Exhaust ventilation for weld fume

The training undertaken was received with enthusiasm. Compliance LEV are BOHS endorsed training providers for LEV Operator Awareness across the UK via the Compliance Academy.

Training employees on the proper use of LEV equipment
Training employees on the proper use of LEV equipment

HSE Metalworking inspections have started

A very important read: Machinists and metalworking fluid – Work Right to keep Britain safe

Contact Compliance LEV today! Stay compliant.
Health and Safety Executive logo HSE ebulletin
HSE ebulletin Issued: 2 October 2023
Metalworking inspections have started From October until March 2024, HSE will be inspecting manufacturing businesses that use metalworking fluids or coolants in their machining processes.

Inspectors will be focused on how employers are ensuring workers are protected from exposure to fluid or mist generated by computer numerical control (CNC) machines and that regular health checks are in place.  

There are 3 areas where manufacturing companies, particularly smaller companies, commonly fall down on compliance:
– not having Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV)
– not completing regular fluid quality checks
– not providing regular health checks for lung and skin conditions. 

Be prepared for inspection Metalworking fluid is a hazardous substance that comes under COSHH regulations (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002).   Exposure to metalworking fluids can cause harm to lungs and skin through inhalation or direct contact with unprotected skin; particularly hands, forearms and face. Breathing in the mist generated by machining can lead to lung diseases such as occupational asthma and occupational hypersensitivity pneumonitis.  

To reduce exposure, you need control measures in place. LEV should be fitted on CNC machines to carry away any harmful metalworking fluid mist, which is difficult to see in normal lighting.   Fluid quality should be regularly checked, focusing on concentration, pH, bacteria and contaminants. Fluid systems can become highly contaminated with harmful bacteria.  

Where there is exposure to fluid or mist, it is a legal requirement to carry out health surveillance even when preventative controls are in place. You will need to involve an occupational health professional and workers should be encouraged to report any health symptoms that occur.

Breaking Ground.

Exciting times ahead for Compliance LEV as we start our journey on the road to our new premises’ in Mauchline, East Ayrshire.

In a significant stride towards expansion and growth Compliance LEV is excited to announce that work has started on our new warehouse and office facility in Mauchline East Ayrshire. This exiting development marks a pivotal moment for the company as it gears up to better service it’s clients and accommodate its rapidly expanding operations in Scotland and the UK.

New local exhaust factory in Mauchline Scotland

Bespoke LEV Solution for a Plastics Extrusion Client.

Compliance LEV engineers completed a fantastic install for a plastics extrusion client with fume coming from the rolling process. These canopies swing out to allow access to the heated rollers. A great job, on time, to budget and controlling contaminant at source.

Do you need a bespoke solution for a duct or fume, Contact Compliance LEV

Compliance LEV Local Exhaust Ventilation install for a plastics extrusion client with fume coming from the rolling process.

Heat loss reduced dramatically: a by–product of our LEV design.

Another successful quarterly water change, clean and service for 4 wet collectors for our client.  These systems return air back to the workplace and therefore reduce site emissions by circa 10,000m3/hr.  The clients heat loss is reduced dramatically as a by-product of great LEV design.

Do you need to reduce your costs of ownership and operating your LEV systems?  We are the industry leader in bespoke energy reducing solutions on all types of LEV. If you want to be LEV compliant, best use Compliance LEV.

On target for 90% growth. Oil Mist Solution powers Compliance LEV towards another spectacular year.

A Scottish firm which is helping manufacturers cut costs, dramatically reduce energy usage and improve health in the workplace is on target to achieve a remarkable 90% growth rate in the 12 months to June this year.

The spectacular growth trajectory by Ayrshire-based Compliance LEV, which specialises in Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV), comes on the heels of a similar stand-out performance in the year to June 2022, in which it increased revenues by 75%.

The accelerating rate of expansion has prompted the six-year-old specialist to start work on a new factory to meet demand, which is expected to be ready around the time in the summer that it confirms its results.

Growth has been catalysed by Compliance LEV’s development of a revolutionary Oil Mist Solution for CNC machines such as drills, lathes, mills and grinders which cuts power consumption by between 47% and 68%.

Founder Kevin Simmonds said: “The rocketing costs of energy, and the global threats to its availability over the past year, have focused everyone’s minds on security of energy supply as well as finding every possible avenue to reduce consumption.

“The enormous savings which we have demonstrated, and independently verified on more than 200 installations, have clearly caught the attention of the CNC sector and have driven unprecedented levels of new business our way.

“As a consequence, we are absolutely confident that the 90% growth rate will be achieved and that we will be able to continue serving a market which is rapidly expanding, driven by efficiency imperatives and new areas of enterprise.”

Oil Mist filtration captures the mist and fumes from metalworking fluids used as lubricants or coolants which otherwise could create a health hazard, coat machinery and damage the environment if released into the atmosphere.

Compliance LEV’s solution results in an 80% reduction in CNC machine downtime and a 90% reduction in filters which would otherwise be going to landfill. Clients are seeing a one- to two-year return on their investment.

Founded in 2017, the company has specialised for the last six years in testing and maintaining systems and reviewing customer facilities for compliance with LEV regulations. It incorporates a design review into its examination and test phase and its project team rectifies any non-compliance.

As well as extraction for the metalworking industry, it deals with wood dust, titanium dust, chemicals, respirable crystalline silica, soldering, organic and weld fumes. It works with some of the UK’s largest engineering and pharmaceutical companies and also has clients in sectors as diverse as food production, paper manufacturing, quarrying and aerospace.

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