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Solder Fume

Solder Fume

Rosin-based solder flux fume is a cause of occupational asthma.  Rosin is as a flux in the electrical and electronics industries and soldering in plumbing etc.

Controlling Solder Fume

Solder fume is considered to be a leading cause of occupational asthma which could be permanent and irreversible.

There are mechanical ways to control solder fume in every industry for example education, R&D, electronics etc.  Compliance LEV will work with you to design and install suitable and compliant LEV systems to meet your production needs and budget.

Solder Fume FAQ

There are a number of serious occupational health risks associated with Solder Fume exposure. These include long lasting occupational asthma, bronchitis and headaches, to name just a few.

We supply mobile extractors that filter the fume from the solder job and return clean air into the facility and save money on heat due to re-circulation.

However, we also supply and install fixed systems which can typically ventilate externally, removing the need for three stage filtration. Fixed systems offer multiple arms, which are attached to a larger extraction fan. Larger facilities can benefit from multiple extraction points where there are multiple workers or students to protect from dangerous solder fumes.

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