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Metalwork, Oil Mist, Stone Dust, Weld Fume, Wood Dust ….. we’ve got the solution. Compliance LEV are committed to keeping you and your Company compliant.

Two new portable weld fume extractors delivered, set up and full training given on capture, positioning, maintenance and compliance of the LEV systems.

Compliance LEV design, install and commission all types of weld fume LEV from brief case sized portable units and centralised systems.

If you want to be compliant use Compliance LEV Ltd.

Weld fume, oil mist, wood dust, stone dust, RCS, Local Exhaust systems.
Portable LEV system for weld fume.
Weld fume extractor,
Local Exhaust ventilation for weld fume

The training undertaken was received with enthusiasm. Compliance LEV are BOHS endorsed training providers for LEV Operator Awareness across the UK via the Compliance Academy.

Training employees on the proper use of LEV equipment
Training employees on the proper use of LEV equipment

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