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Does Your Business Comply?

All businesses — large or small — have a legal obligation to ensure a safe working environment.

This means maintaining a dust and fume-free workplace through the removal of solid particles (particulates), liquid droplets (usually aerosols or mists) and vapours or gases. This is critical, because the health consequences for employees working in a hazardous environment can be significant and permanent.

Poor dust and fume management not only exposes workers to risk of harm, but it also has a negative impact on productivity through downtime caused by equipment contamination.

The vast majority of employers take welfare very seriously, but there is also a rigorous compliance regime in place to enforce workplace standards.  

The HSE and Scotland’s Crown Office and Prosecutor Fiscal Service issued fines totalling £35.8m to duty holders found guilty of health and safety offences in 2019/20, with the average fine per case being £110,000. So, for companies there is a clear financial (and reputational) incentive – leaving aside the overriding moral obligation – to get things right.

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