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Weld Fume Compliance Pack

Welding fume local exhaust ventilation compliance lev scotland

We’ve fitted our ‘compliance pack’ to these local exhaust ventilation systems that will be used by an Ayrshire client to extract weld fume, to include operator air flow gauges, logbooks and commissioning certification then trained operators on their use.

compliance lev scotland uk

Bespoke Chemical Powder LEV System Designed and Installed by Compliance LEV.

Chemical Powder LEV system
Bespoke stainless Steel Chemical Powder LEV system.

This Stainless Steel Chemical Powder LEV system was designed and build off site for a speedy site install with minimal client interaction.

During the COVID 19 lockdown, Compliance LEV continued to designed and installed LEV systems to protect workers from harmful contaminants.

Compliance LEV can design recirculating LEV systems to reduce heat loss and lower your costs: Contact Compliance LEV for Bespoke LEV design systems for Dusts, Chemicals, Oil Mist, Flour Dust, Weld Fume.

Compliance LEV are based in Ayrshire and  work across the whole of the UK.  We cover Scotland, Highland and Islands, Central, The Borders, Dumfries and Galloway, North East England, Yorkshire, Midlands, Southern England and Wales.

Portable Weld Fume LEV Systems ready to go to a Client in Scotland.

More portable weld fume LEV ready to go to a client in Ayrshire and Glasgow, complete with operator gauge and SOP.

Weld Fume is a hot topic - Make sure your weld fume and grinding dust LEV systems are fully compliant: Contact Compliance LEV for advice on weld fume in line with HSG 258.

Portable Weld Fume LEV

Fume Cupboard with Plastic Atex Fan installation.

A neatly installed Fume Cupboard with Plastic Atex Fan and full controls to handle chemical contaminants installed at a client in Scotland.

Contact Compliance LEV for Fume Cupboard advice and installation UK wide, in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland, in line with HSG 258 and CoSHH regulations.

Fume Cupboard

Compliance LEV: Magnehelic Gauges fitted to all of our Oil Mist Systems as Standard.

Compliance LEV install Magnehelic Gauges to all of our Oil Mist LEV systems.

Recently we came across a new client site which was poorly marked up, poorly installed and with no SOP to inform the operator  that the Oil Mist System was achieving the correct airflows.

Compliance LEV installed new airflow gauges with a switchable interlock allowing an alarm when airflow dropped below guidance.

The photo shows a correctly labelled gauge on the oil mist systems ensuring the client be compliant to HSE guidelines.

Switchable Magnehelic Gauge

10 Grinding Dust LEV systems ready to be installed.

We supplied 10 small self contained metal grinding LEV systems to a client with sites in Highlands, Scottish Islands, Central Scotland, The Scottish Borders and Dumfries and Galloway.

These systems are used to sharpen tools used in the stone cutting process for respirable crystalline silica, or RCS.

Grinding Dust LEV

Lean, Clean Titanium Dust Wet Collector Machine.

Three Titanium Dust Wet Collector systems installed for a client in England with super silencer and recirculating air filtration, lower costs , lower site emissions and no single point of failure. A fantastic lean project with a fast ROI for our client on this wet collector Titanium dressing system.

Titanium Dust Wet Collector

Lead Dust & Propellant LEV System Installation.

A new system installed at a Police firing range: This Lead Dust and Propellant LEV system was installed over 3 days to replace the clients existing Lead Dust LEV system using the latest Low Energy Fan system.

Lead Dust LEV

Large, Old Oil Mist LEV removed and replaced by a Low Cost OIL Mist Unit

Electrostatic Oil Mist LEV
Electrostatic Oil Mist LEV to be replaced by more efficient Oil Mist LEV

We were approached by a long term client to look at a lean project to reduce costs on Oil Mist units, we replaced  9 x Electro static systems with 9 x smaller and more economic hard ducted Oil Mist units with washable filters and low running costs, completely in line with client expectations and HSE Guidance on Oil Mist.

Oil Mist LEV
More efficient, hard ducted Oil Mist LEV systems installed.

These 9 Oil Mist systems were changed out over 3  days in North East England.  Compliance LEV change, service and test these LEV systems across all of England, Scotland and Wales.  For Oil mist service or free guidance contact Compliance LEV

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