Flour Dust & Organics

Control of exposure to flour dust requires effective ventilation controls, local exhaust ventilation (LEV) is key for at-source dust extraction which prevents flour dust from becoming airbourne and entering the worker’s breathing zone.

Exposure to flour dust and other organic materials can lead to serious respiratory disease such as asthma (Baker’s asthma) respiratory sensitization, and allergies. Occupational asthma is a common disease in the UK with up to 3000 new cases diagnosed every year.

Flour dusts can also cause and explosion.

The chances of creating airborne flour dust increase greatly in large operations that use or produce a lot of flour.  Places like:

  • Commercial bakeries
  • Grinding mills
  • Packaging plants

Introducing an LEV system is a great way to control flour and organics dusts and keep people safe and therefore meeting your legal obligations.

Compliance LEV can specify, price and install the correct LEV system as a complete solution provider.

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Just like all machinery, LEV systems require maintenance to avoid failure.


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