Compliance LEV Out and About in England

Somerset Summer

Compliance LEV in Bath this week to test a clients laboratory fume cupboards on various chemicals.



Compliance LEV Out and About in England


Embracing the heatwave in England this week, Compliance LEV visited a client in Berkshire.  Their place of work was very cool, even if we weren’t!

Silca Brick/Stone dust: various issues resolved on site for stone cutting, stone sanding and pneumatic drills and chisels.



Compliance LEV Out and About in Leeds

This week Compliance LEV were in Leeds  looking at an expolsive and fully ATEX system for a prestigious North West client who work with flour and organiscs dust.

What a great city!



Compliance LEV Out and About in Scotland

How beautiful is our blue planet?  Compliance LEV never take it for granted.

When you’re next outdoors, whether it’s a camping trip, a stroll along the beach, a countryside walk or as our Dale was doing here, enjoying the view in Argyll & Bute while eating his piece, why not help by picking up some discarded plastic?

If everyone just picked up ONE thing on each outdoor stint, imagine the difference it could make.

So, any plastic or litter you see on your travels, if you can, pick it up and pop it into a bucket, basket or reusable bag to be safely disposed of later, or just get it straight into the nearest bin.


Compliance LEV Out and About in Scotland

Local Exhaust Ventilation for Weld Fume.

Following HSE reclassification of weld fume, Compliance LEV installed a

Weld Fume Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) system with a Gauge and Log Book

for new client in Renfrewshire.

Local Exhaust Ventilation Renfrewshire


Compliance LEV Out and About in Scotland

Compliance LEV were out and about in the beautiful Scottish Borders today on a Weld Fume, Local Exhaust Ventilation visit to Hawick, Jedburgh and Kelso.

Compliance LEV, keeping you compliant to HSE regulation

Keep an eye on our News pages for regular updates from HSE, Sepa and COSHH.


Compliance LEV Out and About in Scotland

Wishing you a very happy First Day of Spring from all at Compliance LEV.

Local Exhaust Ventilation in Scotland.

Compliance LEV visiting clients in the Aberdeen and Peterhead area today.

Compliance LEV instalation in Aberdeen Scotland

Compliance LEV Out and About in Scotland

Compliance LEV deliver Local Exhaust Ventilation to Scotland.

The Compliance LEV guys take a minute to enjoy the Scottish scenery at Rest and Be Thankful, Scotland.  However, it is a wee bit bracing out and about today.  Watch the roads folks – be safe.

Compliance LEV, deliver Local exhaust ventilation to Scotland