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Stay Home, Stay Safe

Compliance LEV Ltd put HSE and Environment issues at the forefront of everything they do. We hope at this uncertian time, where we are all very affected by the global pandemic Coronavirus that this little gesture puts a smile on your face. Wishing all the key workers, keeping this country running very kind thoughts and […]

Bioethanol Refinery and Crop Energies LEV Stystem

Two new wall hung LEV systems with 3 meter manipulating arms for our bioethanol client. These system can cope with high levels of dust and fume, and are spark minimised. These are non explosive, recirculating systems.    

Weld Fume Compliance Pack

We’ve fitted our ‘compliance pack’ to these local exhaust ventilation systems that will be used by an Ayrshire client to extract weld fume to include operator air flow gauges, logbooks and commissioning certification then trained operators on their use.