Compliance LEV have many years’ experience in the industry using both wet and dry LEV systems, high vac systems and atex equipment. 

Many aerospace employees are exposed to hazardous materials in their daily life.  Hazardous materials like adhesives, aluminium, lithium composites and titanium are common place.  Composites can emit fumes when they are worked on that are known to be carcinogens – composites such as styrene.


Compliance LEV, are experts in their field with regard to design and installations of LEV systems in the UK aerospace industry.

Compliance LEV also test, service, and train your employees in how to use the LEV systems that are employed industry wide.

Installing an LEV system is a great way to control dusts and fumes to keep people safe and therefore meet your legal obligations.

Compliance LEV can specify, price and install the correct LEV system as a complete solution provider.

Compliance LEV are highly trained and knowledgeable LEV experts.  Don’t hesitate to contact us for free initial advice and site survey.

Our Services

LEV Testing

Thorough examination and testing of Exhaust Ventilation Systems.


Just like all machinery, LEV systems require maintenance to avoid failure.


Initial meetings are free and no obligation, and we promise no hard sell.


Compliance LEV can source materials for any system type.

Working Together

Compliance LEV will always place you in the driving seat when it comes to LEV repairs, upgrades or installations costs.  We aim for long-term relationships with our clients.

We work across all industrial sectors both public and private sectors.

  • Wood

  • Metal

  • Paper

  • Chemical

  • Oil Mist

  • Soldering

  • Printing

  • Quarries

  • Welding

  • Food Production

  • Animal Feed

  • Spray Painting

  • Surface Technology

  • Hot Zinc Spraying

  • Acid Baths

  • Silica Sand

This list is not exhaustive, no matter how bespoke your requirements, we can help.

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