Chemical Dust Extraction System Designed for a Rip and Tip Process

rip and tip process lev system

Compliance LEV designed a chemical LEV system to handle hydroxide flake for a Rip and Tip process.

This is  a full stainless steel dust collector installed and commissioned by Compliance LEV in one day.


Bioethanol Refinery and Crop Energies LEV Stystem

Local Exhaust Ventilation Compliance LEV

Two new wall hung LEV systems with 3 meter manipulating arms for our bioethanol client.

These system can cope with high levels of dust and fume, and are spark minimised.

These are non explosive, recirculating systems.



Flour Dust Local Exhaust Ventilation System installation in Leeds

lev test

New employee, Garry Simmonds installing a bakery process flour dust LEV system for a client in Leeds.

Stainless steel food grade local exhaust ventilation system, delivered installed and commissioned in one day.

flour dust compliance lev testing

Have Local Exhaust Testing Kit, will travel.

local exhaust ventilation company in scotland uk

Our new Compact Compliance Car, making light work of the Scottish roads to Argyll and Bute.



Weld Fume Compliance Pack

Welding fume local exhaust ventilation compliance lev scotland

We’ve fitted our ‘compliance pack’ to these local exhaust ventilation systems that will be used by an Ayrshire client to extract weld fume to include operator air flow gauges, logbooks and commissioning certification then trained operators on their use.compliance lev scotland ukcompliance local exhause ventilation welding weld fume